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Law school tuition, or, how to dig yourself a financial hole

Anyone who’s read Above the Law recently knows that the job market for lawyers right out of law school is bad.  Very bad.  Unless you attend one of the elite law schools, your earning prospects at graduation are nothing like the Biglaw six-figures that so many applicants dream about when they apply.

Which makes one wonder why so many students are still willing to shell out such ridiculous tuition payments for non-elite law schools.  Hell, I wonder why so many people still pay so much for elite law schools.

Brian Tamanaha calls bullshit on those defenders of today’s law school tuitions who say, “hey, we never hid employment prospects from our students, and besides, it’s still cool to be a lawyer”:

When annual tuition was $10,000 to $15,000, these rationalizations had enough truth, or at least plausibility, to hold up. When annual tuition reaches $30,000 to $40,0000, however, it begins to sound hollow. Students at many law schools are putting out a huge amount of money for meager opportunities.

Over at the Volokh Conspiracy, Kenneth Anderson essentially agrees.

Folks, if you’re thinking about going to law school, pay attention.  If you want to get rich, there are much better ways to do that.

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