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Pass this shitty health care bill!

I’ve gone back and forth on the health care bill, but at this late hour, I think we should pass it.

At this point, these are our only two options — kill the bill, or pass it.  Yes, our elected representatives should be held to account for failing to give us a better bill.  But the need to punish spineless Democrats and obstructionist Republicans is a completely separate issue from the need to decide the fate of this bill.

I am one of those people who think that if we are going to require people to buy health insurance, we should also enable them to choose a government-run program to buy their insurance from.  So I understand why many people on the traditional left would oppose any bill requiring them to give their money to a private health insurer.  But I don’t think the fact that this bill is excessively gentle to private insurers is enough of a reason to kill it.

The choice now is: status quo, or this bill that is much shittier than it could have been but which is still much better than nothing.  We know the status quo sucks, especially for people unlucky enough to be in the individual insurance market with no money or with preexisting conditions.  This bill — shitty as it is — would pretty obviously be an improvement on the status quo for these people, without doing much to change the status quo for people lucky enough to have insurance through their employer.

So we should pass the bill.

And then we should get to work on getting rid of Lynne Woolsey, Blanche Lincoln, et. al.

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