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Showy dogs; bah. Gimme a dog that can run.

My Australian Shepherd makes me feel slow and clumsy.

My dog makes me feel slow and clumsy.

The Winter Olympics isn’t the only big competition going on right now. The Westminster Dog Show is also underway, so if your interests run mainly to foofy-looking Borzois and goofy-looking Shih Tzus, then you should be tuning in.

Looking at all these doggies reaffirms my conviction that I like dogs that can do stuff.  A dog ought to be more athletic than me; he ought to be able to run and chase and catch and swim and track and herd in any kind of weather.  A good dog is a dog you can take with you when you go backpacking for a week, and expect him to carry his own food.

That’s why I’m a big fan of omni-talented mutts.  Of the recognized breeds I like the herding dogs, the working dogs, and the sporting dogs.  Gimme an Aussie or a Border Collie or an ACD; assuming I can afford to feed ‘em, gimme a Giant Schnauzer or a Dogo Argentino.

But if I should happen to come upon an abandoned West Highland Terrier, well… I’d probably fall in love with it.


  1. kayvon wrote:

    I agree. I’m really not fond of lap dogs, or the ones that wobble when they move. I mean a dog should be able to run with you and not tire after 60 seconds. I would love a collie, but too busy with job to justify putting one inhouse for hours at a time. Carey do you go on longer runs with your dog? How does he do?

    Friday, February 19, 2010 at 11:42 pm | Permalink
  2. Carey wrote:

    Yep, I go running with my dog a lot, and he always does better than I do. He starts out too fast for me, then he speeds up. :) No, actually he’s a great dog to run with you on a leash — after he gets some of his energy out by sprinting way too much at the beginning of the run, he’ll settle into whatever pace you’re at and maintain it for WAY longer than you can. I always feel like a failure when I run with my dog, which is a good thing!

    And yes, the way I see it is, if you need a dog that can fit in your lap, you’re better off getting a cat.

    I agree that a high-energy herding dog like a collie would need to get outside a lot. Unless you could put him in a day care during the day that would let him play outside, that poor doggie would be in a world of hurt. And good day care for doggies costs a ton of money, too.

    But hey, I’ve been surprised how well we’ve done with our dog. Living in Chicago and Seattle, we’ve managed to keep him healthy and active. You just manage to find ways to do it, once you’ve committed to a dog.

    Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 4:28 pm | Permalink

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