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Tips for not getting porky

If you’re one of those folks who drives a desk all day, you’re at increased risk for getting fat.  Sorry.

So unless you’re willing and able to chuck your desk job for one that keeps you moving (e.g., waiter, emergency physician, UFC combatant), you’ll be wanting to develop some skills for keeping the weight off.  Exercise is necessary, but there are also many other tricks that you could be taking advantage of.

Deanna Hoak is a copyeditor of sci-fi and fantasy novels, so she knows what it’s like to work in a chair.  She’s offered some tips on how not to get porky, and I recommend them all (h/t, John Scalzi).

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  1. kayvon wrote:

    Personally I would pick the UFC combatant job if I could only live by my principles, but i’m too chicken shit to get in the ring and abandon medicine altogether. I agree with your previous blog that your exercise routine should consist of something that is somewhat enjoyable, however real weight loss in this society can really only come from caloric reduction. For example a single Krispy Kreme donut is 350 cal. A 70kg person would have to run approximately 3 miles to burn off these calories that were consumed in less than 30 seconds (I can eat three of them in this time). If you were to have a supersized McDonald’s meal (approx 4000 cals), you would have to run almost a half marathon to burn those calories. Cleary one can see that the prevalence of high density calorie foods is the culprit of porkiness in our society, and that exercise-based weight reduction is a fantastical fitness falsehood. Only until caloric intake is controlled can exercise really show some benefit to overweight/obese americans. Exercising for over an hour daily with little results can be frustrating and actually increase hunger in those putting in many hours of exercise. Unfortunately, our society has an enormous stockhold in the sale of high density calorie foods, and thus I only see the obesity epidemic increasing in the immediate future.

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 8:04 pm | Permalink

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