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Diggin’ up acorns

As in “even a blind hog will dig up an acorn every once in a while.”  I think Edward Abbey said that.

1.  Big Pharma keeps pissing people off:

By a few years later, though, I was finding myself as distrustful and angry at Pharma as anyone out there. I spend a lot of my time reading research papers and interpreting evidence, and realized one day that Pharma was employing people at least as smart and knowledgeable as I to come up with ways to trick us all about what studies showed.

2.  Hmm, I wonder what the Kagans, Frederick and Kimberly, think about Obama’s afghanistan plans?

There are causes for concern in the president’s remarks: the unconditional start of a transition to Afghan responsibility in July 2011; the refusal to set an appropriately high target for the size of Afghan security forces; and the provision of fewer U.S. troops than McChrystal originally requested. Nevertheless, the task of securing Afghanistan is critical, and with the extra forces there is a reasonable prospect of success.

“Causes for concern” = “not as much warrin’ as we’d like.”  Those Kagans crack me up.  So unpredictable!

3.  Jack Goldsmith, forever famous for repudiating John Yoo’s torture memos, shares his thoughts on the KSM trial:

The Obama administration’s decision to prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court has brought charges from across the political spectrum that his trial will be unfair and thus illegitimate. Critics have articulated three separate concerns. With care, the government can overcome them all.

Seems to me it boils down to: so long as the gov’t labels a person an “enemy combatant,” it can do whatever it wants with him.  That’s why the label is so dangerous.

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