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Why I read Matt Taibbi

One example: his latest recital of the “Great Silk Road of pseudoleft punditry“: [The New York Times' Matt] Bai is one of those guys — there are hundreds of them in this business — who poses as a wonky, Democrat-leaning “centrist” pundit and then makes a career out of drubbing “unrealistic” liberals and progressives with [...]

Barry Eisler speaks…

… about bank bailouts and gunshot wounds to the face.  How can I not link to this? Describing a bank [Goldman Sachs] that had to be saved via a taxpayer bailout from a greed- and stupidity-induced accidental death as “top-notch” at risk management and “super-smart” is a lot like describing as a “firearms safety paragon” [...]

Giving up on Facebook

Facebook has been good to me.  Really good.  But today, I deleted my Facebook account, and I feel great about it. There was always an upside and a downside to Facebook.  For someone like me who has spent his adult life joining a succession of amazing communities that were always — sadly — time-limited and [...]

So far, so good

So far the new blog is holding up pretty well.  My thoughts after a week or two on the new blog: You probably can’t tell yet, but this new blog feels to me like it’s a lot more focused.  I’ll never be a niche blogger — just not my style — but compared to the [...]

Welcome to the new blog!

Ok, it isn’t really a new blog.  It’s a continuation of an old blog, only on a different platform and using a different URL.  Please update your bookmarks, feeds, etc., if you want to continue reading. And you should, really.  Because even though the blog’s old, I’m new!  I renew myself daily; I finish emergency [...]