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Category Archives: Evil-doing

Dude has problems…

This surgeon has problems, of the legal and (probably) mental variety.

Terrorists will destroy us all — with notice pleading!

Whenever I read another opinion piece at the Wall Street Journal asserting that the terrorists will get us unless we restrict access to the federal courts, I cringe.  The most recent example is the controversy over a senate bill that would restore “notice pleading.”  Few non-lawyers know what this is, but the WSJ’s hacks are [...]

Climategate: scientists behave like humans!

Climategate, if my initial impressions are correct, is a tempest in a teacup.  But maybe it shouldn’t be. If you haven’t been following it, the basic facts are that a bunch of scientists at East Anglia University have been exposed, through hacked emails, as having meddled with their data and tried to suppress publication of [...]

The fringe can help save us?

Rather than beat around the bush this time, I’ll come right out and say what I think: our government is corrupt to the core. I know — shocking. More than any time that I can remember, it seems like the federal government is catering to well-connected elite interests at the expense of what is clearly [...]