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Category Archives: Evil-doing

Age of Reagan Continues?

I used to believe that the Age of Reagan had ended. The financial collapse and all the pain and hysteria it caused, I thought, would surely change the prevailing mindset that had ruled over public policy in this country since Reagan.  The election of Barack Obama was a signal that people were finally ready for [...]

McChrystal, Petraeus… same futile war

Multiple years of military futility, with ever-mounting casualties and no evidence of any progress, are insufficient reasons for Obama to change anything substantive about his Afghanistan policy, which amounts to: keep spending money we don’t have, keep sending troops into harm’s way when they aren’t actually making anything any better, and keep telling us that [...]

Dangerous things

Professor Bainbridge reads a WSJ editorial about Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad and rhetorically asks, “Why not just torture the SOB?“  States Bainbridge, “I’m more than a little appalled about how readily some on the right are to toss out the window centuries of Anglo-American jurisprudence to win temporary advantage.” We must remember, contra the [...]

Another article on John Dugan

The NYT has a nice article on John Dugan, a banking official that I think should be taking much more heat than he is, and who should probably be fired.

Nurse acquitted after sketchy legal attack by Texas good ol’ boys

One of the more bizarre legal cases that I’ve heard of came to a close yesterday when a jury took just one hour to acquit a Texas nurse who may have been a victim of malicious prosecution. A West Texas jury took but an hour Thursday to acquit a nurse who had been charged with [...]


The failed attempt to blow up an airplane on Christmas is rekindling a fear of terrorism in the U.S., at least if you believe a lot of the media coverage of the reaction to the incident.  This is, I think, unfortunate.  Our fear of terrorism has been excessive, unreasonable, and irrational since 9-11, and it [...]

Healthcare reform: a return to social democracy?

As someone who has always been deeply hostile to “Reaganomics,” that blend of deregulation and privatization that has reigned supreme in the West for the past thirty years (including under Clinton), I enjoyed this essay by Tony Judt. The left, to be quite blunt about it, has something to conserve. It is the right that [...]

Reading about John Dugan

I’m spending part of my holiday weekend learning about a guy named John Dugan.  This guy is apparently one of the most influential architects of the banking disaster we’re suffering through.  His long career has been devoted to deregulating the financial industry.  We know the results of this deregulation — economic collapse and massive bailouts [...]

Hospital building boom, and the scramble for paying patients

Here’s one game that I hope the new health care bill will help to stop — hospitals cherry-picking insured patients to improve their “payer mix.” If there’s one easy-to-understand feature of our current health care industry, it’s that everyone is always complaining that they don’t have any money.  But that can’t possibly be right, can [...]

Walking away from your mortgage: Waldman vs. McArdle

Megan McArdle and Steve Waldman have been going back and forth about the morality of walking away from underwater mortgages (via Kevin Drum).  McArdle thinks people should keep paying, and Waldman thinks they should walk away. Between the two of them, they’ve cataloged many of the likely consequences of our descent into a mutual ethos [...]