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Category Archives: Government

What’s wrong with more interventional cardiologists in Miami?

An opinion piece in today’s NYT: FOR anyone who has had to wait a long time to schedule a medical appointment, it might seem as if the world needs more doctors, and that training more of them would be a good idea. An amendment that teaching hospitals are pushing to include in the health care [...]

The health care bill

Here’s where I’m at with the health care bill, Joe Lieberman, etc. First, Ezra Klein has persuaded me that the Senate should pass it.  The bill is enormous and complicated, so along with most other people I’m looking for proxy indicators of the bill’s worth.  Klein is a credible proxy for me, because he reads [...]

Terrorists will destroy us all — with notice pleading!

Whenever I read another opinion piece at the Wall Street Journal asserting that the terrorists will get us unless we restrict access to the federal courts, I cringe.  The most recent example is the controversy over a senate bill that would restore “notice pleading.”  Few non-lawyers know what this is, but the WSJ’s hacks are [...]

State and Religion

Sadly, separating the state from religion continues to pose difficulties. In Switzerland, the state overreaches by banning minarets by referendum.  Fortunately, they may also have overreached the limits of their own constitution.  Perhaps this ban won’t survive legal challenges. And in the U.S., christians are still trying to get the state to enforce their own [...]

Shirking responsibility

Responsibility — everyone claims to be in favor of it.  But we possess ingenious abilities to rationalize ourselves out of taking responsibility for our actions.  These rationalizations are a major reason we can’t seem to fix so many of the problems we face, like global warming, poverty, and financial bubbles, etc. I’m not talking about [...]

The fringe can help save us?

Rather than beat around the bush this time, I’ll come right out and say what I think: our government is corrupt to the core. I know — shocking. More than any time that I can remember, it seems like the federal government is catering to well-connected elite interests at the expense of what is clearly [...]