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Category Archives: Medicine

How quickly will you die after this stab wound?

And perhaps more interestingly, can a cardiac surgeon who answers “only about five or ten seconds” really know this? Update: A reader has corrected me — this is a bench trial with no jury.  So where you see “juror” please read “the judge.”  Thanks for the correction.  I now wonder whether the judge will find [...]

Atul Gawande at Stanford: the medical-industrial complex cometh**

Atul Gawande, the surgeon and writer of much-deserved acclaim, reveals his spectacularly technocratic vision of the future world of medicine, a vision of a true medico-industrial complex.  This is from Gawande’s address to the Stanford medical school graduating class, and the emphases are mine: Why does anyone receive suboptimal care? After all, society could not [...]

Disclosure as a regulatory tool: how we make decisions

Inspired by this article about the ineffectiveness of disclosure as a regulatory tool, some questions: When you sign up for an online service like iTunes or Facebook, do you read the terms and conditions before you click the “I agree to these terms and conditions” button?  When you rent a car, and the clerk asks [...]

ACEP’s health care reform survey

ACEP (the American College of Emergency Physicians) recently asked me to participate in a survey.  I didn’t do it, because I’m tired of being asked to participate in surveys. Shadowfax didn’t participate either, but he has a better reason.

Post-call handoffs less than stellar, but why?

Vineet Arora, whom I mentioned in a post a few days ago, is a co-author on a new study showing that when post-call interns hand off their patients, important information often fails to be communicated to the receiving resident team.  In other words, the post-call handoff isn’t very good. Interns Overestimate the Effectiveness of Their [...]