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Category Archives: Cycling

R.I.P., Laurent Fignon

French cyclist Laurent Fignon died today of cancer. I remember watching Fignon in his battle with Greg LeMond at the 1989 Tour de France.  Fignon lost that battle by only eight seconds.  I didn’t know he was fighting cancer; it’s a shock to hear that he died.

What happened to the dog?

One of the many crashes in Stage 1 of the Tour de France was caused by a dog running out into the middle of the peloton. I want to know what happened to that pup.  I’ve read that he “survived” but I want to know how he is.  Where is the press on this story?

The Floyd Landis accusations

After years of proclaiming his innocence, 2006 Tour de France champion* Floyd Landis now admits that he doped. He’s accusing Lance Armstrong of doping, too, and “not just Armstrong, but the flower of American cycling in the last decade, as well as two team managers, various other teammates and even the UCI [Union Cycliste Internationale]….”  [...]


If you’re like me, you’re feeling pretty claustrophobic right about now. It’s butt-cold across most of the US, and it’s dark — we’ve almost reached the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere.  The holiday season is in full swing.  Everyone wants to know what your plans are for whatever winter holiday you celebrate.  Bah on [...]