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Category Archives: Emergency Medicine

Congratulations to my peeps in Chicago

Congratulations to the University of Chicago Emergency Medicine Residency Class of 2010! And for the Class of 2011, only one more year left.  It’ll go quickly, so enjoy yourselves.

Residency work hours — evidence, please

Vineet Arora, an internist at the University of Chicago, has an interesting post up at Kevin MD (reposted from her own blog) about the controversy between those who want to reduce resident work hours and those who worry about an increased number of handoffs between residents. Both sides say patient safety is the goal. Arora [...]

Robot nurses, encouraging us with witty conversation

When you scan through your blogroll, every once in a blue moon you read something that’s just… nuts.  You read it again, to make sure you read it right the first time.  Yep, just plain nuts.  This doesn’t happen very often. It happened to me today.  Here is David E. Williams, posting about the nursing [...]

What’s wrong with more interventional cardiologists in Miami?

An opinion piece in today’s NYT: FOR anyone who has had to wait a long time to schedule a medical appointment, it might seem as if the world needs more doctors, and that training more of them would be a good idea. An amendment that teaching hospitals are pushing to include in the health care [...]

Hospital building boom, and the scramble for paying patients

Here’s one game that I hope the new health care bill will help to stop — hospitals cherry-picking insured patients to improve their “payer mix.” If there’s one easy-to-understand feature of our current health care industry, it’s that everyone is always complaining that they don’t have any money.  But that can’t possibly be right, can [...]

Bad beans

Over at ACEP’s blog The Central Line, Graham Walker tells us why he wants a national EMR.  Graham’s vision is compelling, yes, what with all that information and stuff.  As an emergency physician, I want a national EMR, too. But what if I were the patient?  Let me put on my hypothetical patient hat, and [...]

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