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Category Archives: Pop Culture

Rush live, for only the fourth time in about 27 years

Tomorrow, I’m going to see Rush for the fourth time. It’s surprising that I haven’t seen them live more often, since I’ve been a fierce fan since way back in the early 80s when a redheaded kid named Sean introduced me to their Signals album in elementary school music class. I don’t remember which song [...]


Here’s Luka Bloom: …and here’s James McMurtry: Hope you like ‘em.


I’m feeling nostalgic today.  So I’m going to post a lengthy quote from Ted V. McAllister over at Front Porch Republic, because it points out something obvious that many of us don’t think about very often: The tendency to think in terms of generations, of generational experiences that define an age cohort, is a product [...]


I admit to loving demotivational posters.  I can waste whole evenings with them.  Two of my favorites: Both should be safe for work.

Red Dead Redemption

See More Red Dead Redemption screenshots at I’ve been interested in Rockstar’s new Western video game since reading this generally positive NYT review by Seth Schissel: “In the more than 1,100 articles I have written for this newspaper since 1996, I have never before called anything a tour de force. Yet there is no [...]

Choices can be a real bitch

Andrew Sullivan links to a weepy video about female Scientologists who say they were pressured by the church to have abortions.  One of them tearfully recounts how she “didn’t have a choice” about whether to have an abortion, because “I would have been separated from my husband, I would have been on manual labor, I [...]

Barry Eisler speaks…

… about bank bailouts and gunshot wounds to the face.  How can I not link to this? Describing a bank [Goldman Sachs] that had to be saved via a taxpayer bailout from a greed- and stupidity-induced accidental death as “top-notch” at risk management and “super-smart” is a lot like describing as a “firearms safety paragon” [...]

Giving up on Facebook

Facebook has been good to me.  Really good.  But today, I deleted my Facebook account, and I feel great about it. There was always an upside and a downside to Facebook.  For someone like me who has spent his adult life joining a succession of amazing communities that were always — sadly — time-limited and [...]

Generic Academy Award winner

The influence of Fox News

Howell Raines, the former NYT executive editor, asserts that the reason why so many journalists not only don’t excoriate Fox News, but actually alter their own stories to conform to the Fox News model, is that they fear offending a potential employer: Under the pretense of correcting a Democratic bias in news reporting, Fox has [...]