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Residency work hours — evidence, please

Vineet Arora, an internist at the University of Chicago, has an interesting post up at Kevin MD (reposted from her own blog) about the controversy between those who want to reduce resident work hours and those who worry about an increased number of handoffs between residents. Both sides say patient safety is the goal. Arora [...]

Luge officials admit mistakes, sort of.

Vis-a-vis the luge officials at the Vancouver olympics, I suggest that we pay more attention to what they do than to what they say. They’re saying that Nomar Kumaritashvili died because of human error, and not because of anything wrong with the luge track.  At the same time, the luge officials have installed a new [...]

Good news from Washington, maybe

And it’s about time. Just when I started to admit to myself that maybe the Obama administration really doesn’t stand for anything — a forgivable sentiment after watching it deal away just about everything that was worthwhile about health care reform — the President tells us that he intends to fight for commonsense banking regulations. [...]

More “security theater”

Airport security is already more show than substance.  It’s an exercise of political theater that is supposed to make travelers feel more secure.  I am unconvinced it even does that very well anymore, and from what I’ve heard thus far, the new measures are only going to make things worse.  –Jonathan H. Adler I’ll be [...]

Christmas post

As a practicing (though not a proselytizing) agnostic, I don’t have a reason to celebrate Christmas beyond that fact that in my family, it’s a secular tradition.  I grew up with trees and presents and a lot of ho-ho-ho.  All of which I’m thankful for, because I have a lot of good Christmas memories. But [...]


I’d like to take a flight on this monster sometime. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Let’s see, what am I thankful for this year?  My family and my health above all, but also laptop broadband internet french press coffeemaker wool socks I’m thankful for what I have got, like antibodies to hepatitis B (thank you, vaccinations!) I’m thankful for what I haven’t got, like endophthalmitis.  I’m glad I can spell [...]