September 30, 2003

A whiff of grandeur

You should all have a look at the trailer for the third and final Lord of the Rings film. This one has the best chance of winning Best Picture, not only because it will probably be the best film of the trilogy (director Peter Jackson says it's his favorite) but because the Academy will realize that this is the last chance to honor a film project that has changed cinematic history.

It proved you can do a successful big-budget fantasy film. It was the first time a studio had committed $300 million up-front for making three full-length movies. It is the first project to give us a truly believable computer-generated character after realizing the secret wasn't in the computer, but in a human actor (Andy Serkis).

But I love these films for reasons that probably don't matter much to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

These films have lovingly (if not entirely accurately) brought Tolkien's story firmly into the center of public awareness. The smouldering, underground popularity of the Lord of the Rings has burst forth into open flame, and while it will eventually settle down to smouldering again, it's becoming more and more obvious that this story will be one of those few truly permanent works of art to survive the twentieth century. Which makes me happy. Too bad critics like Edmund Wilson and Harold Bloom can't live for 500 years, so they could see how wrong their dismissive criticisms of the Lord of the Rings will turn out to be...

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September 29, 2003

A bit about me

Just so you know with whom you are dealing with, I will tell you a few things about me. This way, you will feel like you have some idea of what to expect on this blog. Whether this "feeling" is in any way "justified," well, you'll just have to see for yourself.

Right now, I'm in my first year of law school at the University of Michigan. I came here after earning an MD from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, rather than immediately signing up for a residency in emergency medicine. I might do a residency yet--it all depends on how clinical training will fit in with my long-range life goals, which remain hazy around the edges. For the moment I'm focusing on my classes, this blog, and the upcoming releases of The Two Towers Extended Edition DVD and the Return of the King in theaters (not necessarily in that order).

My interests are many. Rather than try to list them here, I invite you to read this blog in a regular and repetitive fashion, and learn something from the entries that you find. I will try to spice them up with dorky references to Harry Potter, Buffy, and the Silmarillion. Any critique of medical, legal, or political practices is enhanced with juicy allusions to the high points of our pop culture.

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Welcome to the Waters of Awakening!

Welcome to my new blog, and congratulations!

You are reading the very first entry. Many years from now, when your skin hangs loosely from your bones and the world continues its descent into darkness, you will remember this moment and smile. It will seem to you as akin to the moment when the Elves awoke along the shores of the Sea of Helcar and saw the stars for the first time...

Or, maybe not. Even the wise cannot see all ends...

Which brings me to my first set of "disclaimers."

1) There will be a lot of J.R.R. Tolkien references here.

2) I will occasionally seem pompous and arrogant. Don't worry. It's all an illusion.

3) It will take me a while to master all the machinery which goes along with blogging, so in the beginning, please remember that I am a rank novice, and cut me some slack. Please, for the love of God, cut me some slack!

More disclaimers will undoubtedly follow as I think of more things to disclaim. Meanwhile, as Elrond is fond of saying: May the sun shine on your faces!

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