March 15, 2005

AHP bill expands feds' power

Today promises to be another busy day.

In these few free moments I'd like to send you all to Nathan Newman's warning about the creeping federalization of health care policy.*

What's the next legislative atrocity coming down the pike from the GOP Congress? So many to choose from, but a sleeper is H.R. 525, labeled the "Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2005," which has a committee hearing this Wednesday. With a name like that, you know evil's afoot and the plan here is to exempt more health insurance plans from state regulation.

* * *

This bill is so bad that thousands of organizations oppose it, including the Republican Governors Association.

*WARNING: those of you allergic to ERISA should premedicate yourselves first.

Posted by Carey at March 15, 2005 09:41 AM