January 28, 2005

Here's an exciting post for ya.

Last semester's classes were all very interesting, but if I could do it all again, I think I'd make some scheduling changes. Specifically, I'd take Administrative Law instead of Federal Antitrust.

Not that I have anything against antitrust, mind you. Antitrust is now my bitch. So to speak. But with administrative law, the situation is sadly reversed: I am administrative law's bitch.

After months of wrestling with my Note (even if only intermittently), I have come to the sad realization that it all comes down to administrative law. And I don't know anything about it. I'm trying to argue about the relative merits of different regulatory schemes for managed care organizations (since, of course, their regulatory immunity under the status quo is unacceptable.) My knowledge of federal antitrust law has not helped me very much with this.

I've been forced to do what every good law student should do if they have to write something about which they know very little: make shit up.

Perhaps it's all for the best. I'll come back later and shore up my arguments with some admin law that I learn on the fly. I'll continue to read newspaper articles about lawsuits against Microsoft with the deep understanding that comes with having taken Federal Antitrust in law school. And maybe I'll sign up for Administrative Law next year.

Posted by Carey at January 28, 2005 02:20 PM

Administrative Law's motto: "All the excitement of separation of powers without all the icky Constitution!"

(sadly, admin law covers damn near everything interesting the government does, seems like)

Posted by: Richard Campbell at January 28, 2005 04:07 PM

I made the exact same mistake! Are you in Admin now? If not, I'll see you there next semester!

Posted by: Julie at January 30, 2005 01:21 PM