December 17, 2004

A great environment

Three exams down, one more to go.

A conversation I remember from a few days ago reminded me how important it can be to have a encouraging and supportive group of people around you. If, say, you work in an organization where the people around you don't have a very high opinion of themselves, let alone you, it shouldn't be surprising if you don't perform as well as you would otherwise. Certainly you won't have as much fun.

Watching the Appendices from the extended edition of ROTK, I think it's clear that one of the reasons the film was so good was that the day-to-day working environment for everyone on the crew was fantastic. They got along, they had fun, and they believed in each other. Peter Jackson made an offhand comment one day about how nice it would be to have a dead mumakil on the set, and in three weeks the props crew had a huge dead mumakil all sprawled out on the set. I don't think a crew that wasn't confident and that wasn't having fun would have seized on an offhanded suggestion like that.

Things are never perfect, but surrounding yourself with energetic and supportive people will usually be more than good enough for government work.

Posted by Carey at December 17, 2004 07:46 PM