November 18, 2004


Mark Schmitt doubts that the Bush administration is serious about tax reform (or to put it more accurately, that the Bush administration's seriousness extends to anything other than shifting the tax burden away from wealthy investors). Sigh. We voted for him. Votes have consequences.

Professor Bainbridge might turn out to be the Republicans' canary in the coal mine. It seems he's one of the few right-wingers who can still recognize convenient corruption when he smells it. Sigh. This year's crop of Republicans won't be the first ones to have forgotten the timeless principle that power corrupts. Let's just hope they can remind the rest of us. 2006 is only two years away.

In more optimistic news, for only $104.95 you can get yourself a copy of University of Michigan Law Professor Peter Westen's new book (which is earning favorable reviews so far). If I were Professor Westen, I'd be trying to get the publisher to hurry up with the $24.95 paperback release.

Posted by Carey at November 18, 2004 11:28 PM