October 01, 2004

Bush/Kerry debate

I think the actual exchange of views was pretty shallow--no surprise there--but it was clear that one candidate was a committed multilateralist while the other was not. I suppose this clear differentiation of views is about as much as you can hope for in these overly-scripted debates, so I'll take it.

I do wish Kerry had made the case for multilateralism as an important way to build America's strength, which might have been more appealing to undecided voters. Just a few words to the effect that, "goodwill in the international community is a much richer source of American power than Bush's 'missile defense' nonsense."

Anyway, the thing that counts is the post-debate spin, where the pundits tell the American people what to think. That spin seems to be going for Kerry.

Posted by Carey at October 1, 2004 08:20 AM