August 19, 2004

No need to worry

Over the past few days I haven't been keeping up with the newspapers much, either in print or online. The world could have been going to hell in a handbasket and I wouldn't have known it.

I'm not too worried. The other day I glanced at some newspapers, and two of the headlines were enough to reassure me that the bastards still aren't getting everything they want.

First, Venezuela reelected Hugo Chavez by a solid margin (story here). I'm not saying that I like Chavez or that I don't like him; I'm just saying that it's good to see that the Venezuelan voters can't be shepherded around at will by the country's wealthy elite, and that the Bush administration will still have to work with Chavez despite his insufficient kowtowing to U.S. corporate interests.

Second, charter schools took it in the shorts (story here) after the first major study comparing charters with regular public schools showed public schools performing better. There are many ways to interpret the study, of course, but you can't use it to argue that charter schools are the silver bullet that some conservatives have played them up to be.

Posted by Carey at August 19, 2004 07:24 PM

What do you think about elections?

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