June 14, 2004

New blogs

They're new for me, at any rate, and they're worth reading.

Via Jordan Fowles, here's HealthLawBlog.

Anjali Taneja, who's active in one of the best organizations around, has been carrying the weight at the group blog To the Teeth.

One of the most elegantly-designed law school blogs-- buzzwords.

And I've finally begun reading Jeremy Blachman, Ditzy Genius, and BuffaloWings&Vodka on a regular basis. (Kind of like growing up in Chicago and not going to the top of the Hancock building until you're twenty seven. Just plain lame.)

Finally, I don't know how I found the underwear drawer, but this blog by a pediatrics resident helps to cure my bias against pediatrics residents. :)

Posted by Carey at June 14, 2004 08:43 PM