May 28, 2004


So I'm into my summer job now for a few days, and I'm swamped with acronyms. I work for an office that's a sub-acronym of the main acronymal entity serving the University.

And we're doing health law, which has got to be the most acronym-crazy subfield of law there is. You know all those MCOs? HMOs and PPOs? Well, they're just the beginning. And that's just the three-letter acronyms.

There seem to be acronyms for things that don't need them: today I came across a form--just a form--that's put out by this organization known by another acronym. Guess what: the form is referred to by an acronym that's surprising only in that the last letter isn't F, for "Form." I think the last letter was A, for "Application."


Every job has to have its specialized knowledge, I guess. Even if it is just acronyms.

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