February 02, 2004

The Decembrist on fire

Responding to David Bernstein, Mark Schmitt of The Decembrist demonstrates that liberals can actually articulate their values for themselves instead of relying on the pejorative labels that the conservatives hand them: "...liberalism is not about throwing money at problems. It's about trying to solve public problems by public means."

That's right. And as for Bernstein's assertion that Bush and Nixon are domestic policy bosom-buddies:

The shorter version of Paul O'Neill's complaint in The Price of Loyalty, after all, is "I thought this would be the Nixon or Ford administration, but it wasn't." What liberals dislike about Bush is the very same thing that O'Neill disliked: reckless incompetence, Karl Rove running policy, nihilism on a grand scale.

Here's the difference between Nixon and Bush: When Nixon left, his successor could proclaim that "our long national nightmare is over." With Bush, we'll be feeling the consequences for generations.

The eventual Democratic nominee could do worse than try to emulate Mark Schmitt a little bit.

Posted by Carey at February 2, 2004 08:08 AM

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