December 11, 2003

An 'A' from Cato means children lose

A few months ago, George Will was crowing about Bill Owens, the governor of Colorado. Owens is beloved of conservatives, winning praise from the likes of the National Review and the Cato Institute. Along with Jeb Bush of Florida, Owens is one of only two governors to recieve an 'A' grade from Cato.

But while conservatives are crowing about how well Owens plays the game of competitive federalism and how well "Governor Asphalt" takes care of the state's business community, the state's children are paying the price: dead last in childhood immunization rates, down from a less-than-impressive 35th out of all the states a few years ago; the nation's most restrictive pediatric public health insurance programs; one of only six states that require asset testing for children enrolling in its Medicaid-funded health plan.

If this is what a governor needs to do to earn an 'A' from Cato, I wish Colorado would elect a 'C' candidate next time around. We might not get as much of George Will's attention, but more of our children would be vaccinated.

Posted by Carey at December 11, 2003 10:28 PM