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Instead of posting, I spent all my blogging time today on getting the new wordpress blog up and running. It's fairly simple and should be ready in a day or two.

The rest of my time was devoted, unsurprisingly, to exercising my dog and studying for the emergency medicine boards. Did you know that an anterior lung abscess is more concerning for cancer than a posterior lung abscess? Neither did I.


That's why CATS RULE! They exercise themselves anywhere, can climb anything, including your legs, open cabinets and get their own food, drink from the toilet if they've run out of water, as long as you leave the lid up, cuddle when you need it and leave you alone when you don't, (somehow they just KNOW). Are happy left alone for just a couple of days, don't bark, are potty trained...etc., etc., etc. Can you tell I don't have a dog. IF I did have a dog, I'd love it and then think cats and dogs were even...you're lucky that you have both!

Tsk-tsk! You're obviously not handling this properly. Tell the dog to talk to the cat about some do-it-yourself exercise routines. With that problem solved you will have the extra time to read up on anterior and posterior lung abscesses and other such stuff and you'll wind up doing a bang up job on the emergency medicine boards. Anyhow, good luck!

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