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Missed me?

Start the celebration, because I'm blogging again.

And oh, I have such big plans! This blog is going to be the best blog there ever was. Fame and fortune will be mine. I will demonstrate the awesome power of the internet to transform my solitary musings into brain candy for people from all walks of life who have the good fortune to read my posts.

Will you be one of these lucky people? All you have to lose is your time, perhaps five minutes a couple of times each week. It'll be worth it, though. Nothing in life is free.

Here's a few things that you can look forward to:

  • a new visual format, as I try to find out for myself why everyone seems to be using WordPress these days
  • more focused series of posts that surround a few obvious themes. I'd like to use this blog to support some other things I'm doing, and that means you'll get more sustained posting on a few issues that matter to me.
  • a commitment (admittedly sarcastic) to adhere to some of the popular blogging fads du jour, for example, including a bullet-pointed or numbered list in every post.
  • Friday catblogging, which is an honorable tradition and not a fad.

So why am I blogging again? One, I miss it. Two, I'm starting to feel constrained by the limited amount of text I can put up at one time on Facebook. Three, I'm very suspicious of Twitter as a low-yield time-sucking black hole of Internet dependency. And four, I want to write something every day, even if it's inane and unhelpful to anyone else (but posting this writing online magically makes it significantly helpful for someone).

So subscribe to my blog with your Google Reader, or whatever service you use, and let's see what happens.


It's good to see you blogging again!!


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