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F*** Rahm Emanuel!

According to Naftali Bendavid, Rahm Emanuel has a colorful way with one particular word.

Signing off a phone conversation with a candidate, Emanuel says: “Don’t **** it up or I’ll **** you. I’ll kill you. All right, I love you. Bye.”

“In my house, when you say **** you, it’s a sign of endearment.”

On election night, he shouts to a boisterous celebration that “the Republicans can go **** themselves.”

He refers to Washington as “****nutsville” and to an opponent as “knuckle****s.”

To a reporter: “Don’t rat**** me!”

(HT, Roeser)

I hope Emanuel doesn't completely clean up his language now that he's Obama's Chief of Staff -- along with the president-elect's gift for soaring oratory, it'll help make this one of the the most linguistically accomplished administrations ever.

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