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Reading this article about Daniel Barenboim, I come across this:

I have a card in my favor, which is the ability to concentrate. The act of mental preparation didn’t ever exist for me. As a child I used to play soccer, shower, then play a concert.

Now that I think about it, concentration is one of the qualities that all the most impressive people I've met in my life seem to share. And almost all of my own successes can be attributed at least in part to the fact that, for some period of time at least, I was able to concentrate on what I was doing.

So concentration's a good thing, if you want to succeed at something.

On the other hand, my life would be much less rich and interesting now if I hadn't had long periods where I just spaced out and wandered mentally (and sometimes physically) from place to place, with no particular goal or destination. Most of the folks I've met who can't wander around at all are -- sorry -- boring as fuck.

So I think you've got to have some kind of balance between the two. Still working on getting the balance just right, but I'm glad there's lots of room for progress...

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