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Cubs lose

The Cubs, true to form, got swept out of the playoffs again.

To the LA Dodgers: you're welcome.

I suppose I'm lucky this year. Living in Chicago, it was impossible not to notice the buzz around the Cubs, and many times I was tempted to get on the bandwagon and pour my heart into the team like I did back in 1984. I was thirteen then, and the Cubs were up 2-0 in their best-of-five series with the Padres. Only one more game, and the Cubs were in the Series. But the Cubs lost three straight and I learned what it was like to be a Cubs fan. It was painful. And the pain wasn't worth it. Why did I have to feel so bad about a stupid baseball team that I wasn't playing for or employed by in any capacity? Stupid Cubs.

I've been a very distant Cubs fan ever since. Because of that, I haven't felt the pain of 1984 again -- the agony of 2003 and the five outs was visited on the hard-core fans, and not on me. I didn't need to spend a month recovering, all because of the stupid Cubs. And again this year, it's not me that's writing paragraphs like this:

Pathetic. Nothing short of pathetic. I hate this team. I hate every player. Every single goddamn one. I have never in my life been this disgusted with a Cubs team. This is not the lovable losers-they’re just a bunch of fucking losers. I’m tired of this wait until next year crap. All of you on this team can shove it.

Now, I know that I'm running a risk by being a very distant and lukewarm fan. When the Cubs finally win the World Series, I won't share in the ecstatic joy that the hardcore fans will bathe in. I'll miss all that. But hey, I'll probably grow old and die before the Cubs ever win the Series. Heh, heh.

You can't hurt me, stupid Cubs.

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