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Moving from one apartment to another is a pain in the ass. But at least moving can remind you of how much crap you really have. It may induce you to finally get rid of some of it.

Best, though, would be if moving all of that crap reminded you not to accumulate so much of it in the first place.


Good to see you back to blogging some. And yes, moving always reminds us. Try moving from a two story farm house, detached shop, detached two car garage and two barns, along with all the other out buildings and then you really start to think about how much you have accumulated that was really unnecessary.

A thought experiment: you have one sheet of 8.5x11 paper, and you can possess only what you can list on that sheet. What would you choose to list?

Kitchen: bowl/spoon/pot/spork/knife/mug
Tools: hammer/allenwrenches/drill/wrench set
Entertainment: library card/pen/hackysack/bus pass

Etc. etc.

This is a lot like what you do when you go off on a NOLS course for three months, except that you're even more limited by the need to carry everything on your back.

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