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Friday catblogging

It's Friday, which means it's time for catblogging!

Today we have my big cat Silver. Alias: Mr. Snuggles.

As a bonus, here we have the Big Silv with my new little puppy. Twice the fun!

About the cuteness of that little puppy: no comment.


I love dogs - they have no guile (unlike cats). New puppy looks like a Border Collie. Hope Big Silv doesn't mind being herded...
Does new puppy have a name?

I Strongly suggest you get a "Furminator"-best thing you'll ever own when it come to pet hair removal,especially on hardwood floors!

Carey I hope all of you are settled in and happy.

I understand I need to check out your blog for political insights...

Let me know if you ever need a pet sitter, Chicago is a stretch from Napa Valley however I could bring along some wonderful wine.

I love dogs to pieces, cats however are so interesting, I've had several, just have two now but I'm currently pet sitting 6 visla's -yes all at the same address.

Linda-yes it's been a very long time.

Ann -- the puppy's name is Pele (like the soccer star). The breeder had named him and we figured it was easier to keep it than change it. That said, I've taken to calling him Rodriguez. :)

Linda -- Yes, it's been forever! If I didn't have this blog I'd lose track of everyone I've ever met, and that would be a sad thing. Too much moving around can be a dangerous thing. Hopefully after residency is over I can find a place to plant myself for a while. It'll probably be somewhere in the mountain west, since I still feel most at home there.

Can't wait to get back out to Napa valley though. It's one of my favorite places in the world.

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