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Best agrarian blogs

Dry Creek Chronicles, by Rick Saenz, has consistently been the best agrarian blog out there.  I don't mean to endorse all of Saenz' opinions, but I do mean to say that post for post, his blog describes the agrarian viewpoint and wrestles with its consequences better than any other blog I'm aware of.

This post, for example, exemplifies Saenz's provocative application of agrarian thinking to various kinds of dogma -- in this case laissez-faire economics.  The back-and-forth between Saenz and his commenters is enlightening.  Better yet, it's worth your time to read if you're at all interested in agrarianism.

Running a close second to Saenz is Rod Dreher, whose CrunchyCon blog has an urban and modern tone with posts that usually address events of the day rather than philosophical principles per se.  However, Dreher is usually not bound by the standard liberal/conservative dogma, and his take on current affairs is usually a very agrarianesque one.  E.g., this post about the looming recession and the wisdom of spending our way out of it.

I don't mean to endorse all of Dreher's opinions either (both Saenz and Dreher are far more religious than I am), but I read their blogs almost daily and highly recommend both of them.  Especially if you're interested in agrarianism.

P.S.  "Agrarianesque" is such a beautiful word, no?

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