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December 27, 2007

New layout coming

Over the next week or so I hope to transform this blog into one with three columns under the banner.

So if you come here and see chaos, that's probably what's going on. Chaos. As in, "why won't this fracking thing work?"

For the next few days, though, all is safe. I'll be heading to Manchester, UK ("one of the largest metropolitan conurbations in the United Kingdom") on a jaunt for my residency program. Lucky me!

..... conurbations?  Isn't that when two people who are feeling frisky get together and -- uh, forget about it.

December 26, 2007

Why not?

Let's give ourselves a break from all this nostalgia, shall we?

Now it's time for something completely different.

December 25, 2007

Countdown to the new year: battlestar galactica

Continuing our nostalgic trip: this past year I saw some of the new Battlestar Galactica with a friend of mine from law school. It rocked, and it reminded me of how much (as a seven-year-old) I liked the old series.

Yes, the effects look kind of cheesy now, but I still like the old Battlestar Galactica. At least, up until they got new actors to replace Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict. Remember that? They found Earth and had flying motorcycles.... Ok, maybe some memories are just too painful.

December 24, 2007

Countdown to the new year: memories of medical school

As we approach New Year's Day, we traditionally prepare to make new year's resolutions by looking back at our past.  We take stock of what has come before, and we indulge our nostalgia for the good things that we've seen and done.

There's no better way to indulge nostalgia on the eve of 2008 than by browsing YouTube.

So on this very merry Christmas eve, I was able to dredge up some memories of medical school.

Yes, medical school! Those halcyon days of yore, when I would spend my free time studying pathology, running the trails above Boulder, and playing Doom!

December 21, 2007

Cats make the best exterminators

"Amid the goods found in the stores, there is one thing that many owners and employees say they cannot do without: their cats. And it goes beyond cuddly companionship. These cats are workers, tireless and enthusiastic hunters of unwanted vermin, and they typically do a far better job than exterminators and poisons."

Had to link to that.  Had to.

December 18, 2007

How to rid yourself of evil

Or, failing that, how to give yourself a nasty headache.

HT: GruntDoc

December 06, 2007

Iorek Byrnison, the armored bear

Nick Thornborrow has painted a great Iorek Byrnison, the armored bear from Phillip Pullman's Golden Compass.

This week, we'll get to see a movie version of Byrnison, voiced by Ian McKellen.  This is one movie I'm gonna have to see.