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Who will admit to supporting Hillary Clinton?

Every week we read about the large lead Hillary Clinton supposedly has in this poll, and that poll.

For me, this is odd, because I don't personally know anyone who's really excited about Hillary.  I've met other Obama fans, and Edwards supporters.  My brother really likes Richardson, and I know many people who support Kucinich.

Will anyone here own up to being excited about another President Clinton?  Go ahead -- prove to me that I don't live in a bubble.


In '04 I supported Wesley Clark but by the time the primaries rolled around to my state, I was forced to settle for Kerry. And what a total letdown on all counts.

I hope Obama's campaign doesn't become the same situation this year. Though I don't mind Hillary being president at all, she just doesn't stir the same hope and chorus of "Amens!" as Obama does. I don't want to have to settle again this year.

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