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On telecom amnesty: what he said!

"He" being Glenn Greenwald in this post.  To use the old cliche, it's something I would have been proud to have written myself:

And that really brings us to the heart of the matter. Rockefeller, Hiatt and their friends plainly see themselves -- along with the telecom executives and lobbyists who flatter and feast them and are their peers and colleagues and friends -- as our elite vanguard. They know best, and when they break the law, it is for our own good. "Laws" are for the masses, to keep social order, to ensure that the Rockefellers and Hiatts can rule in peace and telecom executives can develop their extremely profitable relationships with government agencies without being bothered by "unfair" disruptions, such as court proceedings when they break the law.

Ok -- the only thing that I wouldn't have been proud of in this post is the unfortunate use of the word "incentivize." If I ever use this word in a post, shoot me.

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