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Rick Saenz on agrarianism

Over at Dry Creek Chronicles, Rick Saenz has been putting together a series of posts on "the lost tools of living." Together, they amount to a fairly comprehensive (if idiosyncratic) explanation and defense of agrarianism:

Many hands make light work
Knowing your neighbors
Training up children
The family economy
Supplying our needs

Any of my readers who have ever wondered what the heck this whole "agrarianism" thing is that I'm always on about ought to read through this series of posts. I agree with much of what Saenz says; my disagreements are mostly around the edges -- points of emphasis, esthetic considerations, and the like. Occasionally we disagree profoundly about a central point of doctrine (if we even want to call it that), but that's what's going to make responding to Saenz so much fun.

I'm looking forward to posting more about this soon; I'll try to cram it in among all my residency obligations. Wish me luck! For now, all I'll say is that I think the idea of responsibility is the most fundamental of all the agrarian ideals Mr. Saenz has described so far. Until next time, have fun reading his posts. . . .

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