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Emergency physicians heat up the pages of romance novels

Via GruntDoc, this account of a letter published in this week's Lancet:

In an offbeat letter published in Saturday's Lancet, [Brendan] Kelly describes the typical plot structure and characterisation in 20 randomly-selected medical romance novels. Of the male protagonists, six worked in emergency medicine, five in surgery and three in obstetrics, neonatology and paediatrics, he found.

"There was a marked preponderance of brilliant, tall, muscular, male doctors with chiselled features, working in emergency medicine," says Kelly, a University College Dublin psychiatrist.

Tongue firmly in cheek, Kelly says ER doctors and nurses clearly run the risk of unleashing "uncontrolled passions" when they wield their stethoscope and need urgent training in how to cope with this peril.

EDIT: I can personally recommend this gem from Jennifer Crusie as an introduction to the genre.


I just want to note that Jenny Crusie's book is NOT a medical romance. It was written well before anyone was writing medical romances.

Medical romance is a very, very specific subfield.

Anyone but you, on the other hand, is a book about Fred. Who finds an emergency doc by happenstance.

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