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And now for an absurdly untimely comment

There are some issues that irreconcilably divide the world's people into one side versus another. Pro-life or pro-choice. Cats or dogs. Beach or mountains.

Pro- or anti- Anthony Ciolli.

Me? I think the decision by Ciolli's old law firm to rescind its offer of employment is nauseating. Not unexpected, but nauseating. At least Ciolli never claimed to be something he wasn't. Hypocrisy wasn't one of Ciolli's sins, but a biglaw firm preaching primly about "the kind of language exhibited on the message board" that Ciolli was affiliated with, while at the same time doing what most biglaw firms do -- whore itself out for absurd amounts of money defending corporate clients that harm people in ways far worse than Ciolli ever did -- is nauseatingly hypocritical, if rarely remarked upon.

Now, I don't know everything about the AutoAdmit scandal. I don't know exactly what was posted by the people who were eventually sued by Rosen/Lemley/et.al. I certainly don't know whether the plaintiffs in the lawsuit couldn't get a job because of what was posted on AutoAdmit, or because their grades sucked. But as a former poster on the previous iteration of AutoAdmit (when it was still run by the Princeton Review), I believe that participants on this board have clear warning about what kind of juvenile/infantile/potentially dangerous climate they're getting into when they post there. And they have to be idiots not to know that the kinds of employers they're angling to attract -- risk-averse and often hypocritical Biglaw firms -- might act stupidly and take what was posted on AutoAdmit as an excuse not to hire them, for whatever reason.

Even, allegedly, because some anonymous poster calling himself The Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rollah said that the plaintiff had a lesbian affair with the admissions director at Yale Law School. To believe that even a Biglaw firm would take that claim seriously is a stretch. Look, a lot of things were said about me by fools and morons when I posted on xoxohth.com. That was one of the things that made it fun. But when a biglaw firm didn't give me a job, I assumed (naively, perhaps), that it was because they had other applicants that they liked better than me, for substantive reasons, like, say, law school grades and an enthusiasm for golf. Suing xoxo would have been too embarrassing to contemplate. Apparently, not for everyone.

I admit, I'm a mountain guy. I like cats. I'm pro- legal abortions (but not because I'm "pro-choice" -- that's the worst justification in the world for fighting to keep abortion legal). And I'm a free-speech guy. No one should think getting a Biglaw job is such a shoe-in that "it must have been those xoxo posters who ruined it all for me." I bet if your resume were a bit stronger you'd have gotten a few more offers. Or, conversely, you should have realized that the hiring committees at Biglaw firms really are stupid enough to pay attention to some anonymous dumb ass calling himself Pauliewalnuts.

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