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Hurrah for the small farmers!

From the Ulterior Epicure:

It might take a little extra planning for me to “buy local,” but it’s what most of the world does. I love it. I don’t need my eggs flown in from Alabama, my corn shipped from Nebraska, or my milk over-nighted from those happy cows out in California. I can get them all right here, just 10 miles down the road every weekend. Plus, I enjoy the weekly communal time with those who work the land that surrounds me, and quite frankly, escapes me during the office-bound busy work week. Hurrah for the small farmers!
We here in Hyde Park have a farmers market every Thursday morning in Harper Court, which I've sadly not been able to attend this year. I always seem to be either working, sleeping, or out of town on Thursday mornings. There's still plenty of summertime left, though, and then the glorious autumn harvest; I'm looking forward to hooking myself up with some good locally-grown food soon.

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