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Have fun with your food at Moto

One of the best dining experiences I've had in Chicago has been at Moto. The food there is both delicious and fun, as Amelia Levin of the Chicagoist found out:

The illusion of illusions came next for dessert, courtesy of pastry chef Ben Roche. What looked like a mini Chicago-style hot dog, complete with green relish, tomato wedges and a poppyseed bun, was actually strawberry ice cream topped with kiwi and sandwiched between two shortcake pieces.
Of course it was shortcake.  Who'd serve a hot dog for dessert?


Interesting. Not a big fan of "gimmicky" restaurants, but to each his own. BTW, Carey, are you planning a trip back out west anytime soon?

Sounds interesting, although I generally don't like gimmicky restaurants. To each his own. I was wondering if you were planning to take a trip back to CO any time soon. If so, maybe we could take a short camping trip or something. It's not so far from me.

1. Emeril might (serve hot dog for dessert). :)

2. That was a great meal we had at Moto, ehh? Those were the good ole' days. Still disagree with you on the donut milk, my friend.

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