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Charging more for business and engineering majors

The nytimes reports that some state universities are charging different tuitions based on a student's choice of undergraduate major. Compelled by the continuing refusal of state legislatures to adequately fund public universities, these schemes are just one more step along the path to privatizing higher education.

“There was a time, not that long ago, 10 to 15 years ago, that the vast majority of the cost of education at public universities was borne by the state, and that was why tuition was so low,” he said. “That was based on the premise that the education of an individual is a public good, that individuals go out and become schoolteachers and businessmen and doctors and lawyers, that makes society better. That’s no longer the perception.”

As an aside, the nytimes article quotes an administrator at Texas A&M who tells us that “The salaries we pay for entering assistant [business] professors on average is probably larger than the average salary for full professors at the university.” Understandable, given the opportunity costs of teaching over practice when your field is "business", but still -- our cultural disdain for the humanities relative to the moneymaking disciplines shows no signs of ending soon....

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