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Chaos at the Tour de France

I'm starting to wonder whether we'll ever see a straight-up Tour de France again. The yellow jersey has been pulled from the race by his own team:

Rasmussen's exit was unprecedented. No yellow jersey wearer has been withdrawn from the race by his team over doping offences. The last race leader to leave the event in similar circumstances was the Belgian Michel Pollentier, caught trying to defraud a doping control in 1978.

Did "The Chicken" dope? Stay tuned for more....


I personally am not surprised such controversy has managed to seep into the esteemed Tour, after all, it has with every sport. It is very unfortunate but I believe until people stop glamorizing athletes, showering them with sponsorships and cash, there will not be a decrease in cheating.

Thankfully these guys do test. We hear about it so much because people get caught. One could argue that those sports like GOLF are clean...but no one tests. How about baseball, football and basketball? Not too many names mentioned lately.

Hi Carey!


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