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Great agrarian blog

While I've been working and sleeping and procrastinating and watching Grindhouse at the theater (yay, me!), Rick Saenz has been putting together a string of great posts (which is another way of saying that he's been writing a great blog). Here's something that I wish I had said (blame Rose McGowan and her machine-gun leg for that):

It’s odd how when we come to understand the shortcomings of modern industrial culture we are quick to embrace someone’s speculative, totally untested antidote, whether it be engaging the culture or retreating into intentional community, while at the same time we are quick to reject any proposal that we would do well to return to an earlier way of living. We hope that doing things differently might make the symptoms go away, but aren’t much interested in tracking down our mistakes and undoing them.
Exactly! Just what I've been trying to say for years, but haven't really said as well.

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