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Super powers

As I approach the check-out lines in the grocery store, wouldn't it be cool if all the people who are going to be paying with a check would just glow blue or something? That way, I could tell which line was likely to move the slowest, based on the reasonable assumption that paying with check = takes frigging forever.

That's one super power that I'd like to have -- even if it isn't as cool as caped flight or x-ray vision.


The problem is that these fools wait until their order is totaled and then they proceed to search through their pockets/purses for the check book and then a ball point, the first of which is out of ink. This is followed by an inquiry as to the current date. Now they begin to actually complete the check itself. The first draft is met with defeat as they have misspelled a word, transposed a number, or signed with an inappropriate alias. By this time your frozen crab legs have melted and are now attracting stray cats from as much as two blocks away. Of course the "check" must now be approved by the store manager who is somewhere out front sucking on a Marlboro Lite. The solution to this problem is to bring a lawn chair, the latest China Mieville novel, a Starbuck's Grande or an alarm clock and just make the best of a bad thing.

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be? Hmm. make people in the grocery line turn blue if they'll pay by check.

I wonder what you used to wish for when blowing the candles out on your birthday cake each year.

And i love peter's comment!

hope you're doing well carey!

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