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There's something about Juan Cole

Don't get me wrong -- Juan Cole is certainly an interesting and provocative blogger. But the only reason I can see for this obsessive preoccupation with his job applications in the National Review Online is that Cole's criticism of the Bush administration's middle east policies have struck a nerve with some of the more unhinged Bush apologists.

Or maybe it's the accusations that a "neoconservative cabal" has it in for Cole that has struck a nerve.

Or, maybe, it's just that National Review Online has such shitty journalistic standards that Jonah Goldberg isn't the only hack that NRO will publish. Think about it: here's a whole article about how Cole's becoming one of the four finalists for a professorship at Duke, after a search that "stretched across disciplines," somehow entitles Cole's critics to an "apology."

How utterly bizarre.

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