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No one loves me

I've told everyone I can think of, "you've gotta read China Miéville, he's great."

Has anyone bothered? No.

You'd think I had no friends in the whole world. :(


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Okay, I'll bite. Any particular one over another - for a first time Mieville reader?

I started with Perdido Street Station, which made me want to read all of his other books. So from personal experience I'd recommend starting with that one.

By the way, note what one of the only critical reviews on the Powell's site says: "critical readers may carp that much of the complication is just piled-on grunge and much of the characterization involves kinky sex and repetitious violence."


Alright, already! I'll try one of his books!!!

If you wanted to read them chronologically, start with King Rat.

If you wanted to read the least weird one first, King Rat.

Yeah, I suppose I'd either start with King Rat or Perdido Street Station. You need PSS to introduce you to the city of New Crobuzon.

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