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Moving back to Hyde Park

One of the side effects of being a resident at the University of Chicago is being able to live in Hyde Park again.

Now, it's true that many of my fellow first-year residents (great people, all of them) have not chosen to take advantage of this opportunity. With a few exceptions, they've all rented apartments within a two block radius of each other near Clark and Diversey. Ok, I'm exaggerating. But not by much.

Anyway, Hyde Park: it has its good and bad sides. On the bad side, it's not anything like Clark and Diversey. Not as many restaurants, nowhere near as many bars, and there's no Bed, Bath & Beyond within a ten mile radius. On the good side, it's nothing like the north side. It's not as yuppified, and it's not as homogenous. People other than late-20-something professionals live here, and you'll see some of them walking home from the grocery store. Unfortunately, some of them will be carrying guns and will stick you up for your wallet, cell phone, and Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA -- but I don't think those guys actually live in the neighborhood.

Besides, Hyde Park has the best bookstores in the city of Chicago, and some of the best in the country.

How does it compare with Ann Arbor? You can read this great blog post (including all the comments), which gets it almost entirely right. The most insightful comment: "Not sure if this goes for the over or under side, but Hyde Park’s flocks of feral parakeets give it a certain flair that AA’s pigeons can’t attempt."


Wow! I didn't know that parakeets could survive in such a cold climate.

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