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More AMA junk mail

I received another piece of junk mail from the AMA today. Ever since I graduated from medical school in 2002, they've tried to drown me in solicitations for everything under the sun. Especially offers for insurance policies.

But today's envelope was worse. It was a real, honest-to-goodness USPS priority mail envelope containing an invitation to join for half price. Oh, goody: only $210.00 for a six-month membership.

Sorry, but I'll pass. I don't like the thought that if I join, some of my dues money will be used to buy priority-mail envelopes for the next round of solicitations. That seems like a waste of money to me.

There are, I'm sure, many good reasons to belong to the AMA. Physicians can do a lot of good when they act together, and sometimes the AMA itself will entertain some creative proposals (like a tax on soda). But in my limited experience, the AMA just isn't providing the kind of leadership that a physician organization is capable of.

Maybe when I see a few more good policy suggestions, and a bit less junk mail in my mailbox, I'll think again about joining the AMA.


right on, carey. man, i remember when you posted the info on "AMA is that all you can do?" a year ago, i was jumping up and down going, yeah that's right!

reminds me -- i have a photo of a sign in a NJ emergency room asking patients to call their legislators and ask them to demand caps on malpractice payouts. i'll put that up online...

by the way, the national physicians alliance is all the new rage, your money would be well spent there :> membership as a resident is 60 bucks -- www.npalliance.org. :>

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