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Musical taste

Remember those days in the schoolyard, when the little girl would show you hers and you'd reciprocate by showing her yours? That's a lot like the recent revelations of what's in Hillary Clinton's, George W. Bush's(by far the best list), and Condoleeza Rice's iPods. Faced with these titillating revelations, some people have graciously responded in kind.

It seems, too, that a lot of people feel the need to take sides in the Beatles/Stones war. I've never really cared much -- "norwegian wood" is great, and so is "street fighting man." I define my musical allegiances in other ways:

  • Elvis Presley over Elvis Costello
  • Bananarama over Cyndi Lauper
  • Alice in Chains over Nirvana
  • Real jazz over "smooth jazz"
  • Phish over the Grateful Dead
  • Dixie Chicks over Toby Kieth
  • Neil Young over Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Neil Diamond over Barry Manilow
  • Rush over Yes and Genesis (why people ever group these bands together is beyond me)
Let me reemphasize: Rush is more like Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin than Yes or Genesis. Get with the program, people.

UPDATE: Heidi points out that I linked to the wrong list for our Prez. I knew it was too good to be true. Try this for George W. Bush's iPod.


Sadly, I don't think that's George's iPod list. That would be whitehouse.org, not whitehouse.gov.

But it was a nice try.

A few years ago, there was a big to-do over whitehouse.com, which for awhile, maybe still, I'll check after this was an adult content site.

Your preference for the Dixie Chicks over Toby Keith. That wouldn't be political at all, would it?

My ranking:
Politics: Dixie Chicks over Toby Keith
Music: Toby Keith over Dixie Chicks, though I like 'em both. C'mon, you've gotta love a song about a guy who was rejected by a girl in high school who then makes good, a song which includes an instrumental version (!) of "neener neener neener"

P.S. i didn't know you were an ultimate fighting fan.

I checked. whitehouse.com is no longer an adult site, it's now "America's Free Speech Forum"
Just to clarify, in the Toby Keith song, it's the guy who makes good, not the girl.

why people ever group these bands together is beyond me

I think it's because they're known for using odd time signatures (a silly reason to groups bands together).

Ah, I understand now. Rush and Yes and Genesis and Dave Brubeck.

I agree. It's silly.

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